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Professor Rhett Smith got his chemistry training at the University of Toledo (B.S.), Case Western Reserve University (Ph.D.) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship), and he has been a professor of organic chemistry at Clemson University since 2006.


Hunter Laboratory Room 479

Rhett Smith's personal and professional research interests are in three general areas:

1. Educational Access: Free online Organic Chemistry Education and Science Literature

​​Professor Smith created a free online organic chemistry class to increase accessibility to knowledge and to help everyone who is trying to adapt to our increased reliance on online learning during the pandemic. This is a complete organic chemistry class, with an online textbook, mini-quizzes after each lesson for self-assessment, traditional lecture videos, and a lot of teaching through solved problem videos. Recently Dr. Smith has released a free Organic for the MCAT Course as well.

Professor Smith is also a strong proponent of Open Access journals, and serves on the editorial boards of two Open Access journals: Sustainability and Sustainable Chemistry.

2. Student Mental Health


Rhett Smith leads the Neuroscience Group at Clemson University. This is a group of undergraduates doing research and working to help college students understand mental health issues and how they influence the social and academic lives of college students. These efforts have led to the publication of a book "Your Concise Primer on ADHD and Related Conditions" coauthored by the undergraduate students and edited by Professor Smith. The Neuroscience Group is currently working to prepare a book on Anxiety disorders as a resource for students.


3. Sustainable Plastics and Building Materials


Rhett Smith's research team of Ph.D. students and undergraduates engages in concerted efforts to improve the sustainability and recyclability of plastics and building materials. The Smith group has been featured in the news recently for these efforts for sustainable cement and for evaluating ways to recycle plastics. Recent publications from the Smith group describe these efforts in more detail:

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