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MCAT Preparation Programs
511 Average

(82 percentile)

Average score on the official MCAT after an MCAT Ladder Prep course!

(Updated October 2022)

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MCAT Prep options for everyone!

At the MCAT Ladder we want everyone to have access to the best MCAT preparation programs at more affordable prices. See which of the options below best fits your schedule and budget. You can engage in self-led prep with instructor-monitored discussion boards (On-Demand) or an asynchronous online course (Intensive Instructor-Led courses). If you have financial need but want to participate in an elite test preparation program, please consider applying for a scholarship or check for regular price-reductions available on the reservation page.

On-Demand MCAT Preparation (start any time!)


Best for you if

  • You don't have an exact test date but want to start preparing or just want to see where you stand on subject review

  • You want the flexibility of a self-led program to adapt your study plans throughout the course as needed

  • You want to be able to start prepping at anytime, with no set course start date

What's Included?

  • Full year of access to all subject matter review courses

  • Instructor-Monitored Board for your questions in each science subject

  • Customizable study scheduler to help you plan your MCAT prep

  • Nearly 40 hours of tutorial videos with downloadable/printable slides

  • Thousands of practice test items with expert explanations

  • Subject study guides and chapters as .PDF files

  • Four Full-Length practice exams on-site and links to five other free ones

When do classes form?

  • Anytime. With no set start date you can prep on your terms and start and stop as needed over a full year of access.



Intense Preparation: Instructor-Led (4-, 8- or 14- week programs)

check start dates here


Best for you if


  • You want instructor guidance on what to do each study day

  • You know about when you want to take the test, ideally

  • You want the most complete preparation

What's Included?

  • Full year access to the On-Demand course described above plus:

  • Review and answer explanations online from eleven subject matter experts

  • Four official AAMC online full-length exams

  • Four MCAT Ladder full-length exams

  • Official AAMC CARS Diagnostic Tool

  • Specific review sessions, tutorials, reading and quizzes assigned by your instructors for each and every study day of the program

  • 50+ additional hours of high-yield review sessions offered asynchronously beyond the On-Demand program content

  • Over 3000 practice questions with explanations!


When do classes form?

  • Because the intensive programs require daily instructor guidance, these courses are only available on specific start dates. You can find the current schedule here.


What is the weekly time commitment for an intensive course?

Our intensive courses are thorough but highly efficient. The approximate total time commitment for engaging in all activities - tutorials, skill-builders, high-yield review sessions, reading and practice - for each type of intensive program are given below.

  • 4-Week Intensive: 7 days per week, ~6 hours per day, but ~8 h on Full-Length practice exam days. Because of the large time commitment, these programs are usually held in the summer or over winter break.

  • 8-Week Intensive: You pick any 5 study blocks per week at ~3 hours per study block on whatever days/times work for you, + some longer Full-Length practice exam days.

  • 14-Week Intensive:  You pick any 3 study blocks per week at ~3 hours per study block on whatever days/times work for you, + longer Full-Length practice exam days.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, full and partial scholarships are awarded to cover partial or full tuition for intensive programs. Students receiving scholarships are responsible for purchasing AAMC materials or other materials. Check current scholarship calls here.



All Intensive programs include a full year of access to the On-Demand Preparation Described above. They also include access to daily assignments from your instructors (during specified program term and two weeks after the term). All content is offered asynchronously to fit any schedule.

You pick the days of week and times you want to do the assignments!

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