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Test Preparation Scholarships

We strive to make academic resources accessible to as many people as possible through free textbooks /tutorial resources and affordable test prep courses. We also offer scholarships to students who may not otherwise be able to afford a top quality test preparation program. Applications are currently open for full tuition or half tuition scholarships to the MCAT, PCAT and PA-CAT Ladder test preparation programs. An overview of the test prep programs and scholarships are provided below.   


We are currently accepting applications for scholarships to MCAT. PCAT and PA-CAT programs until February 10, 2022. Please APPLY by filling out this form. Winners will be notified by February 23, 2022 in a rolling format, so apply early!

If you would like to be informed of future MCAT preparation updates and scholarships, please fill out the form found at this link, and we will email you when the next applications open.

A list of Fall 2021 full scholarship winners can be found here.

About the Proton Guru Ladder Programs

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MCAT /PCAT Ladder Program - Content

The complete MCAT/PCAT Ladder online preparation programs includes full subject courses and full practice exams. Individual study plans for 8-, 12- or 16-week preparation are prepared for you by faculty in the course with flexible start dates to fit your schedule.

The MCAT subject courses are: Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics/Mathematics, Biology 1, Biology 2 (anatomy and physiology), Psychology/Sociology and Critical Reasoning and Analysis Skills (CARS).

The PCAT subjects are: Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Quantitative Analysis, Reading Comprehension and Writing.

These courses were all prepared by a team of experienced faculty members who have extensive experience in teaching in these subject areas. Faculty also monitor discussion boards asynchronously to answer your questions.

New for Summer 2022: MCAT Ladder LIVE CLASSES

This course provides a full year of access to the MCAT Ladder asynchronous online courses PLUS as a 4-week live intensive program which includes 56 h of live instruction on Zoom given by experienced faculty experts who will also assign you homework assignments tailored to your areas needing improvement and who will answer out-of-class questions in an accompanying online forum. The recorded lectures will be available to participants after class as recordings. Students will have the chance to take full length practice sections and exams in the course.


Two of these 4-week sessions will be offered in 2022: one in June and one in July. This is the most intensive MCAT program, costing $2000, but 75% tuition scholarships are available at the application form linked on this page.

Our Philosophy - Climb

After each course up the subject ladder you will face comprehensive exams combining the knowledge from previous courses until you have slowly trained yourself to put it all together to face down the real exams!

We think this approach is more effective and less stressful than trying to frenetically learn from many different subject areas at one time.  


The courses include video lessons, reading, links to other free resources online if you need even more training, and numerous practice problems. The practice problems range from short ~10-question quizzes to comprehensive course quizzes (some over 200 questions) and the ultimately full-length practice exam.

If you would like to preview the first course in the MCAT Ladder program, you can enroll, in the full MCAT Organic Chemistry course for free to see if you like it. An identically-formatted PCAT Organic Course is coming in March 2022, so those interested in the PCAT can still check out the formatting and feel in the MCAT program - there is significant overlap in the coverage of organic in both tests. Subsequent courses have progressively more practice problems as you complete more subjects, but this short course gives you an idea of how the other courses are laid out.

Our Philosophy - Uplift

Our logo illustrates our inspiration for this program: for every MCAT or PCAT course purchased we give a full scholarship to another student who may not otherwise be able to access an elite test-preparation training program like these. In this way people already climbing the ladder of success are helping the next group long the way. We believe in making education and the medical profession accessible to everyone! Current scholarship opportunities are updated below!

More Details on the MCAT Resources

Current Scholarships and Deadlines

Scholarship Applications now being accepted for 2022!

**The current applications are due by February 10 2022 at 11:59 PM EST**

Winners will be selected on a rolling basis, so applying early is encouraged.



The scholarship program is open to anyone who could not afford an expensive test preparation program without scholarship support. We especially encourage individuals from groups underrepresented in the medical profession and first-generation college students to apply to give them an equal opportunity for improved test scores, medical/pharmacy school admission, and ultimately to increase their entry to health professions.

Answers to a few frequently asked questions:

  • After the spring window closes, the next scholarship window is currently scheduled for Fall 2022, contingent on program funding.

  • Scholarship recipients for current scholarship applications will be offered the scholarship at the application email address by February 23

  • Access to the preparation course will begin within a week of the scholarship awardees submitting the form officially accepting the offer.

If you would like to be informed of future test preparation updates and scholarships, please fill out the form found at this link.

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