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Test Preparation Scholarships

We strive to make academic resources accessible to as many people as possible through free textbooks /tutorial resources and affordable test prep courses. We also offer scholarships to students who may not otherwise be able to afford a top quality test preparation program. Applications are currently open for up to full tuition scholarships to the MCAT Ladder test preparation programs. An overview of the test prep programs and scholarships are provided below.   

Fall Scholarship Applications are NOW OPEN.

Applications are due February 20, 2024!

Fill out this form to apply now

The application takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Early applicants have an advantage. Awards will be made on a rolling basis.

You may know a past winner! A list of past full scholarship winners can be found here.

About the Proton Guru Ladder

ladder climb-cropped.png

Our Philosophy - Climb


After each course up the subject ladder you will face comprehensive exams combining the knowledge from previous courses until you have slowly trained yourself to put it all together to face down the real exams!

We think this approach is more effective and less stressful than trying to frenetically learn from many different subject areas at one time.  



The courses include video lessons, reading, links to other free resources online if you need even more training, and numerous practice problems. The practice problems range from short ~10-question quizzes to comprehensive course quizzes (some over 200 questions) and the ultimately full-length practice exam.

If you would like to a course in the MCAT Ladder program, you can enroll, in the full MCAT Organic Chemistry course for free to see if you like it. Identically-formatted free PCAT Organic Chemistry and DAT Organic Chemistry course are also avalable. Subsequent courses have progressively more practice problems as you complete more subjects, but this short course gives you an idea of how the other courses are laid out.

Our Philosophy - Uplift

Our logo illustrates our inspiration for this program: for every MCAT course purchased we give a full scholarship to another student who may not otherwise be able to access an elite test-preparation training program like these. In this way people already climbing the ladder of success are helping the next group along the way. We believe in making education and the medical profession accessible to everyone! Current scholarship opportunities are updated below!

More Details on the MCAT Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a few frequently asked questions:


  • The Spring 2024 scholarship window is open until February 20, 2024, 11:59 PM, EDT. Late applications are not reviewed. The next application window will be sometime in Fall 2024. Those planning to take the MCAT between now and January 2025 should apply for scholarships now.

  • Scholarship recipients will be offered the scholarship by email at the application email address within one week of the application close date and will have two weeks to activate the scholarship or the offer expires and the funds can be offered to another recipient who was wait-listed.

  • Access to the preparation course will begin immediately upon registration. Access to instructor-led course material for courses that have a specific start date will open about a week before the course start date and will be open for about two weeks after the end date.

MCAT is TM of AAMC, which did not participate in preparing and does not endorse or sponsor any of the courses offered by PG Solutions, LLC.

PCAT is © Pearson Education, Inc., which did not participate in preparing and does not endorse or sponsor any of the courses offered by PG Solutions, LLC.

 PA-CAT is © Exam Master Corporation, which did not participate in preparing and does not endorse or sponsor any of the courses offered by PG Solutions, LLC.

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