Positive Chemistry Experiences

Table of Contents for Part II

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Part II: Substitution and Elimination

Substitution and Elimination of Alkyl Halides

Lesson II.1. Tracking Stereocenters in Reactions     

Lesson II.2. Nucleophilicity versus Basicity and Solvent Effects

Lesson II.3. The SN1 Reaction of Alkyl Halides      

Lesson II.4. The SN2 Reaction of Alkyl Halides      

Lesson II.5. Stereochemistry of Substitution Reactions         

Lesson II.6. The E1 Reaction of Alkyl Halides         

Lesson II.7. The E2 Reaction of Alkyl Halides         

Lesson II.8. Stereoelectronic Effects in the E2 reaction         

Lesson II.9. Factors Leading to Non-Zaitsev Products in the E2 Reaction     

Lesson II.10. Competition Among Substitution and Elimination Reactions of RX: Predicting Pathways


Reactions of Alcohols, Ethers and Epoxides

Lesson II.11. Substitution and Elimination of Alcohols

Lesson II.12. Oxidation and Reduction: Definitions

Lesson II.13. Oxidation Reactions of Alcohols

Lesson II.14. Nomenclature and Acid Cleavage of Ethers

Lesson II.15. Ring-Opening of Epoxides: Steric/Electronic Effects on Major Product

Organic Chemistry 1 Primer Lessons (Part II)

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