Positive Chemistry Experiences

Table of Contents for Part III

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Part III: Alkenes and Alkynes

Nomenclature and Reactions of Alkenes

Lesson III.1. Alkene Nomenclature and the E-/Z- Convention     

Lesson III.2. Properties of Alkenes and Hydrogenation of Alkenes           

Lesson III.3. Electrophilic Addition to Alkenes and Carbocation Rearrangement Revisited          

Lesson III.4. Introducing Addition to Alkenes    

Lesson III.5. Hydrohalogenation and Hydration of Alkenes        

Lesson III.6. Alkene Halogenation and Halohydrin Formation

Lesson III.7. Oxymercuration/Reduction of Alkenes

Lesson III.8. Epoxidation of Alkenes     

Lesson III.9. Hydroboration/Oxidation of Alkenes

Lesson III.10. Reactions of Alkenes VI: Ozonolysis and Preparation of Vicinal Diols


Nomenclature and Reactions of Alkynes

Lesson III.11. Naming and Making Alkynes      

Lesson III.12. Hydrohalogenation and Halogenation of Alkynes 

Lesson III.13. Three Ways to Reduce Alkynes   

Lesson III.14. Facile Constitutional Isomerism: Tautomerization 

Lesson III.15. Preparing Carbonyls from Alkynes

Lesson III.16. Acetylide Anion Preparation and its use as a Nucleophile     


Reactions Involving Radicals

Lesson III.17. Radicals I: Peroxide-Mediated Hydrobromination of Alkenes

Lesson III.18. Radicals II: Halogenation of Alkanes       

Lesson III.19. Radicals III: Radical Polymerization of Alkenes

Organic Chemistry 1 Primer Lessons (Part III)

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