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From "Organic Chemistry 2 Primer 2021" by Smith, et al. If you prefer a paper copy of the whole book you can get one at the Amazon link

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Part V: Organometallic Compounds and Metal Hydrides

Introduction to Carbon Nucleophiles

Lesson V.1 Introduction to Organometallics, Metal Hydrides and Carbenes

Lesson V.2 Preparation of Organolithium, Grignard and Gilman Reagents

Lesson V.3 Reaction of Organometallics/Metal Hydrides with RX and Epoxides

Pd-Catalyzed Coupling and Olefin Metathesis

Lesson  V.4 Palladium-Catalyzed C–C Bond-Forming Reactions

Lesson  V.5 Introduction to Alkene Metathesis

Lesson  V.6 Applications of Alkene Metathesis

Organic Chemistry 2 Primer Lessons (Part V)

If you want a paper copy of the whole book, go to the  Amazon link

Lesson V.1


Lesson V.2


Lesson V.3


Lesson V.4


Lesson V.5


Lesson V.6

End of Part V Lessons:

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Positive Chemistry Experiences