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I started this site to share an open-access organic chemistry course I created as part of my personal passion for supporting academic achievement and fostering a love of learning in students of all ages. Since then, my ongoing work in this area has led me to develop affordable, high quality and classical foundation classes ranging from middle school math and science courses to college chemistry courses. I also have built extensive courses to help people prepare for tests needed to enter medical, dental, pharmacy, and physician assistants programs.

The most recently-completed project is the MCAT Ladder full MCAT preparation course, built by a team of chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, sociology and English faculty. The MCAT Ladder program serves as an affordable and top-quality alternative to other MCAT preparation programs that can be financially inaccessible to many college students. We have also secured funding to offer full scholarships to students who could not otherwise afford such an MCAT preparation program.

Links to our current projects to improve academic accessibility are provided above. Many more programs will be added as our work continues!


Rhett C. Smith, Ph.D.

CEO, PG Solutions LLC

Professor of Chemistry, Clemson University

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